As owners of a Border Collie ourselves, we understand the want to own one. We also understand the struggle to find a Border Collie that will do well as a companion first and foremost. Sport bred dogs are high energy and intense. They need work. Which is why sport breeders tend to place their dogs only in sport/working homes. Not always, but the chances of being approved for a pet only dog from a sport litter is very slim. And that is completely understandable. Same goes for working bred dogs. While working bred dogs do tend to do better as companions, working homes get priority. Again, understandable. But, where does that leave those of us wanting a companion dog?

That is where we come in! Our goal is to produce versatile, biddable, active companion dogs. Balanced dogs that are temperamentally stable, healthy, and confident. The “off switch” is important to us. We want to produce dogs that can go from calm and relaxed to focused and ready to go at a moments notice. Same goes for the reverse. Our dogs should also be able to go from play/work to leisurely when told. Our dogs should be able to excel at whatever they are tasked with! Even if that task is being a wonderful, active companion.

You’ll probably have noticed I said “active” companion. And that is for good reason. While our goal is to produce calm dogs with an off switch, they are still Border Collies. They still need regular exercise and mental stimulation. ANY breed of dog can develop bad habits, or develop undesirable traits, if not given proper care. Things such as becoming destructive, digging, excessive barking, anxious, fearful, etc. What we are NOT aiming to produce is couch potatoes that have no interest in exercise.